The foundation of the building

Have you ever taken a look part of the foundation of your house? The foundation is a structural component which located at the bottom of a building, whether it is residential or commercial building. village square The higher building needs a stronger foundation although the foundation is not visible directly when the building was finished; But, in function of the structure where the foundation should not be neglected from a building. This needs careful planning because one of the factors that affect the durability or safety of the building is the foundation of the building itself which becomes the backbone of the building.

In the planning of real estate and construction, determining the type, size, and construction of foundation must pay attention to the type of building, building pressures, soil conditions, and other factors that directly or indirectly to the type of the buildings; where the function of the building is as a crutch buildings that stand above the ground. Therefore, this required a construction plan of building a good foundation.

While there are two types of foundations that are widely used in homes and high-rise building: the deep foundations and the shallow foundation. Here is the deep foundation of deep foundations:
– Pile foundation
– Pile injection
– Foundation pile

While shallow pile foundation is:
– Bricks foundation
– Coral stone foundation
– Mini drill foundation
– footplate foundation

In constructing a building, selecting the proper foundation is unavoidable to ensure the safety of each building. In fact, a house that is already developing cracks on walls may occur, although the construction of the building is already very strong. The thing to remember is to make sure the quality of the ground to be used to construct a building. A mistake in the installation of the foundation can make a home susceptible to collapse and will certainly harm the people who occupy the house.

Real Estate, Home Interior is very important!

For those of you who know the world of real estate and construction surely you must know the types of property, especially to open the property services which are closely related to the real estate world is mainly about the interior of the house. kingfisher estate Then you have to understand there are some things which include a design of the interior of the house, from the shape of the room, the arrangement of rooms, furniture or furnishings in it until the color of the room. But we will discuss on this occasion is more to the color selection, color is one thing that will be member impression when first seen.

Because that’s the right color for the interior of the house is a thing that is so important. If you are confused to have one right color for the interior of your home, the following tips may help you, by combining several colors, with the color of combining several rooms in your home will impress full color or look fresher. This way a lot of people will be assessed to give a deep impression to your room.

The development of real estate and construction business

The rapid efforts in the field of real estate generally occur when the underdeveloped countries grow into emerging countries. Where priorities are no longer meeting the needs of the food problem, but rather a problem caused by rising social welfare home. emerald hills estate That means the construction industry activity has been increasing as more parties required to handle and initiate appropriate manner and development patterns are applied. The world’s property or real estate and construction are growing rapidly along with the need for public housing are getting bigger and better economic growth. Indonesia’s economic growth will also affect the increase in demand for office buildings and amenities. Different types of housing are being and will be constructed, including types of apartments, condominium, milk houses, resorts and so on. Determination of the normal operating cycle of companies engaged in real estate and construction, in general, more than one year and is influenced by the factor of uncertainty is very high.

At the same time, construction services as an integral part of the existence of property and real estate participate acceleration. The world needs the property or real estate construction services seen in the initial engagement formation of a property development, maintenance and renovation of the current in the secondary market. Construction services of involvement in the processes of planning, implementation, monitoring, installation and maintenance of land and or building construction. The rapid growth in industrial land sales in retail and complexity of development undertaken by the industry cause accounting problems that complicated. In terms of accounting, real estate and construction is very interesting to observe because the transactions are specifically related to the activity of real estate development and real transactions relating to the operation of real estate which gives rise to the principle of revenue recognition and the method of determination of income that should be applied from land sales in retail,

Activities subsector development of real estate industry is an activity for the acquisition of land and then built housing or commercial construction and building industry. The building is intended to be sold or leased, as a whole or in retail that include acquiring plots for sale without buildings. Specifically, the activity of the real estate industry subsector is more directed at the following conventional housing development activities supporting facilities such as public facilities and social amenities. On the other hand, the activity of the property industry subsector is more directed to development activities vertical residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.